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Masking Tape with Peel-Away Liner High-tack Adhesive and Easy Removal

Tape Once

Triple the Task

Masking once allows you to perform drywalling, plastering and painting while protecting windows, doors and finished work.

How it Works

How to Apply

Step One

Unroll tape and apply exposed adhesive to stud framing around window (or any other surface to protect from additional work).

Step Two

Complete drywall installation. Then, pull back tape and remove white liner. Position plastic film and secure in place with exposed tape.

Step Three

Complete plastering, painting, and any other finish work as needed. When done, carefully cut tape and remove used tape and plastic film.

Made in the united states

An Eye for Performance

Are you tired of scraping paint, plaster, and drywall mud from windows, doors, bathtubs and other finished surfaces? Are you spending too much time retaping surfaces? GoldenEye Tape is a brand-new masking tape that solves these problems. 

  • No Multiple Taping
  • Fast - Easy Application
  • Improved Protection
  • Quick Removal
  • Save Time & Money


GoldenEye Tape in Action

Today’s homes, apartments and commercial buildings are built with drywall returns rather than wood casing around windows. This demo video shows how to drywall, plaster, and paint quickly and easily, while protecting windows, tubs, doors, and finished surfaces with GoldenEye Tape.

Happy Customers

Goldeneye Tape has completeled changed my workflow. I can't imagine working without it now.

Goldeneye has made a difficult task easy. I can complete my work faster and with less mess.

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