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Frequently Asked Questions

GoldenEye Tape is an innovative new product that streamlines the masking tape process. Get to know more about this adhesive with these frequently asked questions.

A: Efficiency. One roll of GoldenEye Tape performs multiple tasks, saving money, time, and labor.

A: GoldenEye Tape’s three-way design sets it apart from ordinary painters tape and masking tape. Each roll of GoldenEye Tape is divided into three parts. First, the inner tape is a high-tack masking tape that adheres to the stud framing around a window or other surface. Second, the center of the tape is non-stick paper that protects the window yet doesn’t leave a sticky or stubborn residue on finished products. Third, the outer tape is a high-tack masking tape, hidden behind a peel-away liner. Once the liner is removed, the outer adhesive attaches to painter’s plastic. 

A: GoldenEye Tape can be left in place for as long necessary, as long as the outer peel tape is not removed.

A: Yes, as long as the exposed adhesive will be covered up and not left exposed once the project is completed. A bathtub is an example of another good application for GoldenEye Tape.

A: Normal humidity levels will not affect the peel tape, and the exposed tape will be buried behind the drywall, so the exposed tape will not be affected by moisture, either. Also, because the exposed tape is buried behind the drywall, sweating windows do not affect blowoff of plastic when conditions are extremely humid.

A: Yes. Windows can be opened. Unlike other masking products that tape window shut, GoldenEye Tape is designed to allow windows to open and close. The exposed part of the tape is designed with no adhesive to adhere to the window to prevent it from being opened. Windows can be opened to let air circulate. The air circulation helps the paint, plaster, and drywall dry. 

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