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How it Works

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Paint, plaster, and drywall can be messy – sometimes they stick to surfaces where they don’t belong. Cleaning or scraping the splatters off of windows, doors, bathtubs, and other finished surfaces is time-consuming and labor-intensive. So is taping and retaping surfaces during each stage of a construction project. GoldenEye Tape is a brand-new design that solves these problems. 

Invented by a contractor with 30 years of construction experience, GoldenEye Tape is a proven adhesive that streamlines the masking tape process. One roll of GoldenEye Tape performs multiple tasks. 

Tape Remains on Surfaces Long-Term

GoldenEye Tape adheres to surfaces for extended periods during the drywall, painting, and finishing stages. In comparison, masking tape and painter tape aren’t designed for long-term application. Over time, they fail. Either they lose their adhesion and let go or they deteriorate and shred. When peeled away, masking and painter’s tape often leave a stubborn residue behind. GoldenEye Tape is different. That’s because GoldenEye Tape is applied to the surface before the drywall. One edge of GoldenEye Tape gets buried behind the drywall. Once the finishing work is completed, the exposed GoldenEye Tape is cut away and discarded. The tape buried behind the drywall remains hidden away, with no ill effects.

Tape Once & Complete Multiple Tasks

GoldenEye Tape is designed to tackle multiple tasks with just one roll.  Each roll of GoldenEye Tape has two high-tack adhesive strips. One strip attaches to the frame around the window, door, bathtub, or other surface before drywall is applied. The other high-tack adhesive strip, hidden behind a peel-away liner, attaches to painter’s plastic before texture and paint is applied. GoldenEye Tape and painter’s plastic provide a secure layer of protection, keeping the surface free of paint and texture splatters. GoldenEye Tape pays for itself in the time and labor saved by taping once, instead of multiple times. GoldenEye Tape is here to make your life easier and less of headache. Contact us today and get started.

An Eye for Performance

Made in the USA, GoldenEye Tape is an adhesive product that’s proven to work for commercial and residential construction. GoldenEye Tape is fast and easy to apply before drywalling, plastering, and painting. Likewise, it’s equally fast and easy to remove once the job is complete. GoldenEye Tape offers superior protection for finished surfaces like windows, doors, bathtubs, and brick. Contractors save time and labor with a roll of GoldenEye Tape.

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